After years of being a customer of tanning booths, not to mention being a sun lover,  I started paying the price and making my dermatologist rich! I tried the spray booths in the tanning salons but the tan was never natural looking or applied evenly. Then I discovered custom spray tanning, it gave me a much more natural tan that lasted longer. I was hooked.

I have been in the medical field for 26 years and have seen many patients with skin conditions. I suggested a spray tan could help mask their condition. It not only helped mask the condition  but also improved their self esteem tremendously.

I took it upon myself to become educated in all the ways a spray tan can be beneficial to different skin conditions. Now I am certified by the National Spray Tanning Professional Association to provide custom spray tans to customers.  I am confident that I am qualified to provide you with an excellent and pleasant spray tanning experience.