*How to Get the Most Out of Your Spray Tan
Bring loose clothing to wear after your tanning session. The tan needs to “set”, and the process will take about an hour. It is best to bring clothes (A mans loose t-shirt works great) and shoes as loose as possible to wear after your spray tan session, to make sure nothing rubs off.

*DO NOT exercise or shower for 8 hours after your tan and avoid sweating. Don't be alarmed when you do shower that some washes off, this is normal. To make your tan last as long as possible (usually 7-10 days) You need to moisturize like crazy. Be sure to moisturize immediately after your shower. Use gentle shower products. Some soaps are too harsh and using them can take a tan off in patches. If you have to use soap, use good quality ones that moisturizes. Try to use a gentle shower gel, it will be much better for your spray tanned skin. After you spray tan

*AVOID Hot baths  *Rolling in the sand on the beach. *Chlorinated pools (Chlorine will not exfoliate the tan, it will bleach it!).*Long luxurious baths. All these will shorten the life of your spray tan.

Preparing and Caring For Your Spray Tan


*Exfoliate, Exfoliate!! 
This can make the difference between a long lasting beautiful tan or a bad blotchy one. Try to exfoliate 24-48 hours before you go for your spray tan. Your tan will last longer. It is important to use either an exfoliating glove or products that don't contain any oils. Oils will only act as a barrier to the tanning solution.
*If you wax or shave your legs, do it the night before, make sure that you wash your legs after waxing to remove any waxing residue. If you wait to shave your legs until after your spray tan then you will take off some of your tan with the hair.
*Don’t wear deodorant, moisturizer, perfume or makeup to your spray tan. Deodorant, make up and moisturizers act as a barrier to the spray tan solution and will not allow the tanning solution to penetrate the skin. And some deodorants will even turn the armpits green!